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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its really stressed me

hey readers,

i'm really stress with my life even i think i had more than enough here..

Stress bout house 
completely done.. moving new house next january after decided with housemates.. but still searching suitable place for me n my sis.. actually i dun really mind it caused i've car to go cyberjaya (af for now) but pity to my sis she's riding a motorcycle lol.. actually also considering to buy a house.. thinking of my mom to pay the deposit.. haish.. y am i writing in enaglish even its really troublesome writing? yeah.. caused i'm stressed now n to express it i think i need to write in english caused it will reduce how cruel i am..

stress about bla bla bla
hope can get new one.. really pity.. hm.. need to struggle more about dis.. can't share with you guys.. it quite personal matter... i think i just share with very closed one only.. caused i think lots of fakers or haters will stalk dis writing..

money money
its all u said if ur pay even 10k++ per month is not enough.. like i said.. when your pay is higher means ur maintenance also higher.. trust me.. its true.. at first i got a job.. i just got less than 2k then still enough to me dat time lol.. and can still saving for a convocation... FYI i sponsor my mom accommodation here such as hotels for 2 nights.. that time i just work for 3 months with pay less than 2k.. trust me.. now i got 2k++ still need to consider lots of thing.. when u got a money u need to satisfied ur self rite? for example.. i managed to pay deposit for my pinky MYR500 since urgently want it.. its ok to full my satisfaction as i become one of Myvi Limited Edition car in Malaysia.. sumething that you can be proud rite? you know y.. because i used my on money to pay for it.. full of satisfaction ok.. since now i've worked for 1 year++ i think all the things i wan to during my study i managed to get it.. even its quite late.. but i'm satisfied with it caused using my own income.. i dun mind wut do you guys wanted to say but its really true.. u'll have more satisfaction by your own effort..

Comparing with others
its all about relationships.. familyships.. stalking to fb.. range age same like me delivered a baby.. just got married.. got enggaged.. mm.. its like a style while others r getting married.. how about you? really hard to think it of.. y should i listen to them.. we still need a space to go next stage.. we're serious but lacking of sumething is our problem now.. please understand nowadays situation.. u must have at least 10k to make it come true n to prevent others from blamming urself n ur family its happen because of bad things rite.. you know what is it.. but i hope you guys will pray for us.. for our 'rezeki' from Allah to obtain blessed love from Allah.. InsyaAllah..

enough said.. i think i'm babling too much here..  dunno y i should write this stupid things.. but i'm really under stress now.. bye guys..


  1. didn't write somethin' stupid dear, it's somethin' in your mind that supposedly be taken out earlier in any form including via writin'. somethin' that of utmost valuable and important to your own self even though some people might considered that as of no value.

    Best regards.

  2. huhu..leks mak ngah..biasa la..dugaan di dunia..hee..bab kwen tak pyh kalut2 punn kan..smpai seru smpai jdoh,jd la..cewahh..hehe.peace.

  3. jgn stress2..nti muka cepat tua...kena chill selalu....:)

  4. jgn stress2..nti muka cepat tua...kena chill selalu....:)