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Friday, December 16, 2011

Semakin Hari Semakin Sayang.. (Mood Jiwang Karat) - Revealed Engagement Date

Assalamualaikum semua readers,

tengah mood swing.. jiwang.. tak sabar nk bersama si dia (gedik betul la)..

Counting the day to become his Fiance.. see.. ada tak sampai 2 bulan lagi (ops..terbagitahu jangka masanya pulak).. preparation so far waiting baju siap.. target by 20th Disember... hope outcomenye cantik n muat.. coz ade orang tu komplen i gemuk.. siyes sedey.. masalahnye bile i xplain die bkn i xnak diet die plak mengamuk.. haishh.. tak pasal gaduh.. but now makin hari makin sayang.. (pelik la kalau datang mood gatal camni kannnn)

Actually we're getting engaged same day my fren (actually my gud fren since Diploma) getting married.. so u guess when Cik Fiza getting married.. and same day i'll become Mr Lebah Fiance.. can't wait..

Why choose same date? Suppose the date is 10/12/11.. but i asked to postponed it caused i join Project Retreat. Then i proposed his parents to postpone till CNY.. but its rejected caused of Bulan Safar.. i dunno y.. but heard from mysister fren Bulan Safar bulan paling banyak Nabi Muhammad S.A.W dapat dugaan.. so we choose new date which both site not really tied to any issue which is dat day.. its early of February one day before Maulidur Rasul.. Long holiday hope my good fren can come and celebrate it with me..

After we planning for our engagemeent lots of luck come to us.. for example i suddenly dapat lucky draw even before this x pernah lucky.. and the lucky draw is from Twilight Pre Screen.. Second.. i got lots of vouchers as being a commitee and performing during Annual Dinner... its 80 ringgit Jusco Voucher and 50 ringgit I Setan Voucher.. its called rezeki..

The Lucky Girl

My Gift Vouchers
And The most big Rezeki we received is he got new job and its his dream job.. Trust dat Rezeki di Tangan Allah not on human.. who knows.. last time while he got interview for Korea Company which need him to fly there but at the last stage he couldnt manage to get it.. now he got better offer. no matter how much is the pay i dun mind at all.. as long as its permenent and he can build his own career there.. maybe persue his master.. Lucky i pujuk him to go to the interview if not he wouldn't get this opportunity.. He will reported duty early next year..

Alhamdulillah.. Later he will stay at Seremban and i'm in KL.. better what before we both stay together later.. FYI i'll move to new house.. not my own.. actually new rented house since my current house now is really pack.. lots of stuff + people inside.. i want my own room.. i want to decorate it since i orang susah dulu.. dun have any chances to be in my own room.. inside that i think i'll start DIY some stuff for engagement.. now i'm DIYing Fabrik Flower Inspired by Intan Norazam... will revealed later after all finish.. coz i dun have time to snap it yet.. Now i finish almost 20 of them.. still thinking how many to finish.. will ask advise from my mom..

Ok la..stop babbling..  prepare for next vacation with mama n sibling.. luv u guys.. pls pray for us..



  1. ouchh ade nama i disitu...selamat berDIY....sme2 buat preparation...hopefully aku blh dtg mjlis hg dengan sarung tgn.. congrats ;)

  2. seronok x??? alhamdulillah, murah rezeki~

  3. tqah, kite tag tqah taw join GA fazlien.

  4. seronok nye dia. ingt. klu bertunang pon x leh dating berdua2 je..