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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Counting Days to 4th February 2012

Hi all,

date revealed as title.. 4th February 2012.. finalized the preparation for my engagement with Mr Lebah.. hope everything will going smooth.. 

plan asal nak wt kecil-kecilan tetapi tidak jugak kecil sebab from my mama side pon ramai sedara and also from baba side even xramai turut menyumbang kepada besar sedikit.. since my e-day will be held at my late grandparents's house which now the house is belong to my mama.. still kene jemput jiran di rumah lama 2 3 orang.. and also mama beshfren and my besh fren. total pax untuk majlis ni 150. but i just prepare 100 for doorgift which the content for door gift will be sponsored by my Mak Teh from Penang. Thanks a lot. others al keep asking if anything to add on for hantaran. since i prepared everything. my mama told them to give it for akad nikah later..

my fren yang suppose datang pon ade yang xdapat dtg sebabnye exam pegawai penguasa kastam. suppose my Mr Lebah pon pegi.. but becoz averything is prepared untuk 4th February so he cancelled to join. plus his umi pon xnak die pegi. so yang jadi datang for my e-day less than 10 of them.. as long as my family is there should be ok with me..

no mood to work- eday mood + working environment probs (dugaan nak tunang ke)!

Pray everything going smooth. Ameen.


  1. tahniah! selamat bertunang :)

    tp mmg mcm tu kan. konon buat kecil2. tp bila campur family mak-ayah terus jd ramai. hehe.. mau-mau kena ada 1 balai :)

  2. nini : thank you dear.. aah.. sedara ramai kann

    ein : thanks :)